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The number of people involved in the cattle business continues to shrink each year. Thus it is imperative each of our voices be heard locally and nationally as part of a united group to promote the beef industry.

Our check-off dollars are helping tremendously in the purchase of materials to distribute our message in the schools, supermarkets, medical offices, etc. There is a need for leaders, as well as for those who choose to work quietly and effectively behind the scenes. There is a place for everyone and you can make the difference. COME JOIN US!!!

Attention County Groups! 
Please complete this Membership Report and send in with your Wyoming CattleWomen dues. 
Contact us with any questions regarding the form or dues.


Wyoming Membership Report

2021 Individual Membership Form

Contact Membership Chairman

Jenny Conrad
5648 Rd 27 | Veteran, WY 82243
307-534-6010 | melzieblue@gmail.com


American National CattleWomen dues of $60 should be paid directly to ANCW at www.ancw.org



Associate Member dues are $40 as of Jan. 1, 2016. County affiliates receive $10 of these dues. Associate Members receive recognition in our Beef It newsletter and on our event booth. Additionally, we have window clings that Associate Members can proudly display in their businesses. This idea came to us from the Laramie Peak Cattle Women.

How to collect Associate Memberships: Solicit your local businesses using the Associate Membership Brochure or by collecting contact information and $40 per business. Send dues to Treasurer Becky Langley, PO Box 530, Wright, WY 82732. County affiliates may give the business a window cling at the time of their dues collection, or the WCW Associate Membership Chair will mail one with their recognition letter from the state. 

The $10 for the local group will be returned to, or kept by the affiliates, depending on your collection preferences. We appreciate all of the help gathering these supporters and for those of you who support us yourselves. 

Much of the good work we do promoting Wyoming beef would not be possible without these donations. Contact Lindsay Wood (307-670-0171, lrt83@live.com) for more information about recruiting Associate Members in your area.